a summer day downtown…

With warm breezes off the river and more than a little road construction to deal with, we spent a lovely summer afternoon in downtown Nashville with our gorgeous friend, Jenna. She has been our client for several years and it is with such joy that we have watched her family grow from our engagement session with she and Brad through to the recent birth of their second daughter, whom we are excited to meet in our studio next month!

Jenna has a lot of exciting things going on her life; tv shows (The Better Show, Celebrity Wife Swap, Blossom Reunion), book deals, becoming a mother of 2! In fact, she was five months pregnant when we did this shoot! She carries those babies well, along with everything else.

Thank you for a beautiful afternoon, Jenna! We look forward to seeing you and meeting sweet Marlowe Monroe soon!

Meeting Joan


Meeting Joan. 2011.04.02. TPAC

Meeting Joan. 2011.04.02. TPAC

I have never been more impressed with the sincerity, humbleness, graciousness, and gratefulness of a person of celebrity. I was very much surprised by this as we spent time together photographing the VIP Meet and Greet after her performance at TPAC. She grew more endearing to me as each person made their way through the line to meet and be photographed with her.

There was no pretense in her manner or spirit. She was connected and present. She remembered people who had seen her before and had attended other M&Gs with her in other cities. She was soft spoken. She made eye contact. Her eyes sparkled.

As I reflect on our encounter, her energy and manner reminded me as one of a favorite aunt, one whose visit would light up your life while you were together. What a lovely memory she left with me.

That will always be Joan Rivers to me. And it will always make me smile.

– Karan

randomness in the yard…

I’ve been pulling rocks out of the yard as we put up the pool. I came upon this yesterday. It almost cut me as I ran my hands through the dirt. It wasn’t hard to spot after that.

When I reached for it there was a natural way to pick it up to avoid the sharp edge of the curve, but what I instantly felt was the ease at which it fit my fingers.

When I turned it over I saw the bottom of the curved sharp edge was totally flat (third photo). My middle finger slid into a very well-worn groove from the top knuckle to the top of my finger. The fourth photo shows the location of my finger in the third photo. The groove is well pronounced.

The top of the rock fit my thumb perfectly in the smooth curved edge opposite of the sharp curved edge. There is a natural ridge for my thumb to rest as well.

Where my index finger rests there is also a very well-worn groove, as you can see in the sixth photo.

When held naturally with the sharp curved edge down it is a perfect cutting tool much like the one I use a lot shown in the last photo.

Tool find or random rock?

It sure feels good in my hand either way…

– Karan

{sarah & joe}

It may sound cliché, but the day was truly as gorgeous as the bride and groom, and the family, friends, and love that surrounded them on their special day.

We’ve known Sarah for many years. If you’ve followed our work in any kind of way over the past few years you’ve seen her featured in our galleries. In fact, she’s up there in the header, over to the left… We love Sarah. Simply put.

Sarah introduced us to Joe a little over a year ago. Harry and I immediately knew they were great together. They make beautiful music together… figuratively and literally. Almost two weeks ago they made it a life long commitment. We were so honored to share this day!

The ladies prepped…

The guys prepped, too…

The ceremony was joyful…

Then laughter, dancing, and meeting new family members ensued…

And then the real party began…

And new first steps taken…

We love you, Sarah and Joe! Many, many years of happiness await you…

Harry & Karan

on a personal note…

Two years ago I was in constant pain. I could no longer play with my grandchildren. I could literally hurt myself changing clothes from the washer to the dryer. Bending over to scrub a tub was nearly impossible. I was 52 years old and my 82 year old mother could run circles around me. I had medical issues from my head to my knees.

One year ago I had lost fifty pounds. I felt much better, which enabled me to realize how timid I had become with myself. I still held on to stair railings and I don’t mean I ran my hand along them, I gripped them. I realized that I didn’t do many things for fear of reinjure of any kind. It made me sad as I was once a very athletic individual and my mental self-image included that identification of strength. Surgeries and injuries had taken my body on a hard ride. I had been in physical therapy a few times during the preceding couple of years. Afterwards, I tried various things like gyms, swimming, bike riding, and various yoga classes. I knew I needed to build strength. Nothing quite connected with me.

A dear friend introduced me to Julee Jones (The Pilates Place) at a lovely spring gathering. In a short time we were working together on her web site project and she began to teach me the ways of Pilates. In her beautiful studio surrounded by sacred woods with the calmest energy I’ve felt anywhere I have gained so much more than physical strength. I have gained confidence. I have regained the ability to play. I am able to work so much more effectively. I have gained a friend. And I smile every time I dance down the stairs.

I look forward to learning more in the ways of Pilates throughout my life. I’m in it for my health. It has made more of a difference in my life than all of the medications and therapy I’ve had before. It is an investment worthy of my time and money. It’s not even about that anymore. It’s been incorporated into my life and way of thinking and moving. And while the way of Pilates is excellent in origin, the way of Julee Jones teaching is what inspires and motivates. It will always be Julee’s voice I hear in my head saying, “Good, Karan! That’s the movement! That’s the work!” and, of course, “Get out of your shoulders, Karan.”

Thank you, Julee Jones. And thank you, Dara.

Here’s to strong cores… of many kinds…

more little things…

It’s funny how the path of our day can change with a thought. Or a phone call. Or a cell phone picture. We never really know how that one seemingly insignificant thing will impact not only our day, but possibly our life and the life of others.

Earlier this month a dear friend’s husband had lung cancer surgery and I went to stay with her. So many stories and therapy from that visit, but the one little event pertinent to this post is this: while I was there I took a couple of quick cell phone pictures of Grace Ann, also known as Gabby depending on whether you’re talking with Jeanne or Tom. That’s it. I snapped a couple of cell phone pictures. The lighting was low and the image quality was not that good, but there they were showing her sweet little foot raised sitting like a human baby and getting her favorite belly rub from Jeanne. We laughed when we looked at them and told her how gorgeous she is and then we continued on with our conversation.

Gabby is a five pound terrier and was named Grace for the fact that grace is what her presence in my friends’ lives represents. They had tragically lost their beloved pet Copper just a few months earlier when Gabby came to them in an unexpected way like grace in the night. She has helped to heal their grief.

Just a couple of days after Tom’s return home from an extended hospital stay Gabby got out of the house. When I heard from Jeanne on a Saturday, Gabby had been missing for four days. I got the voice mail while at the grocery. Jeanne and many friends had been searching, calling, walking roads, fretting, crying, worrying. She remembered those cell phone pictures and asked if there was anything I could do online to help get the word out.


Before I called her back I uploaded those cell phone pictures and tagged everyone I knew in their area. They in turn shared and their friends in turn shared. Small town living on the web. End result is that Gabby was home in Jeanne’s arms in less than 24 hours after that posting. Because of that Tom had the best relief in days, having been taken back to the hospital while Gabby was missing.

All of this love and healing because a cell phone was pulled out to take a couple of shots of a precious pup.

I’m so glad that was whispered in my ear…